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 General Knowledge

"Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy Rehabilitation" doctorate programme, under the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Department, has been established in 2014 under the Institute of Health Sciences in order to monitor developments and improvements related to the field of rehabilitation, to build new researches and to increase awareness, to increase interest in this field and to help the physiotherapists working on this field to develop themselves professionally. Graduates who complete this program can independently conduct an original research in the field of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, comment on scientific events from a broad and deep perspective, and identify the steps necessary to achieve new methods and applications. They can bring their top level skills in education and research to national and international clinical and academic work. Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation doctoral graduates are graduated with the title of "Doctor of Science". Graduates are those who are able to develop community health that can create and implement competent and effective programs in healthy people and diseases by determining the need for preventive matters.