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All around the globe, both the population and the life expectancy is increasing. Simultaneously, the environment is becoming more and more polluted and human health is under pressure due to chemical, physical and biological threats. In addition, several infective diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and influenza are increasingly prevalent in our globalizing world and have a negative socioeconomic impact. On the other hand, the increasing life expectancy results in an increasing prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer, Parkinson) and other diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases).
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Turkey's Strategic Vision 2023 (see also report: "Vizyon 2023 Teknoloji Öngörü Projesi Sağlık ve İlaç Paneli sonuç") plan has identified healthcare as a strategic field for development, with a special interest in computer-aided drug design and discovery (CADD), the development of targeted micro/nanoparticles and biopharmaceutical products. Unfortunately, the human capital and available expertise is still insufficient in current day Turkey.

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Our multidisciplinary "Drug Discovery and Development" English MSc program aims to increase the human capital and expertise in the drug discovery field in Turkey. All students have shared compulsory courses in the fields of drug approval, patents and receptor/enzyme pharmacology. Elective courses are available in the fields of CADD, molecular pharmacology, drug discovery from natural resources and/or bioanalytical techniques.