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 General Information

The recent Covid19 pandemic has painfully remembered us that infectious diseases can cripple society and devastate the global economy. In addition, the increasing life expectancy results in a higher prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer, Parkinson), cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. These issues necessitate the faster and more efficient discovery and development of drugs, diagnostics and vaccines. This requires an international and multidisciplinary collaboration.
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Our multidisciplinary postgraduate programs aim to deliver the necessary human capital in rational drug discovery, design and development field whom are especially trained in the discovery of quality lead compounds. The MSc and PhD programs are offered in English to prepare our graduates for an international and multidisciplinary working environment. The programs consist of a compulsory part that covers drug approval, patents and receptor/enzyme pharmacology. The majority of the courses are elective and give the opportunity to specialise in computer-aided drug discovery (CADD), bioinformatics, synthesis and molecular pharmacology.

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Our courses are designed as such that the emphasis for students is to apply their gained knowledge to solve research problems and to communicate the results orally as well as in written form. As such, the students will acquire new knowledge and techniques and apply them in our ongoing research.