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 Research Interests

Drug discovery from natural resources

Extracts are being obtained from microorganisms and plants and subsequently these extracts are tested in various bioactivity assays. Extracts showing the desired bioactivities are subjected to purification to isolate the bioactive compo​unds. Subsequently, the structure and characteristics of these compounds are determined.

Molecular modelling and molecular pharmacology 

The structure and biochemical/pharmacological characteristics of proteins, which play a key role in the pathophysiology of diseases, are investigated and a target protein for computer-aided drug design (de novo design) and discovery (virtual screening) procedures is determined. Compounds that are expected to show the desired biological activities are selected for synthesis. The synthesized compounds are tested in molecular pharmacology assays (binding assays, receptor activation/inhibition assays, enzyme activation/inhibition assays, antioxidant/antiradical tests, etc.) to investigate their effects on proteins, DNA, radicals/oxidants and lipids.

Bioanalytical chemistry

Qualitative and quantitative analysis are performed on the compounds of interest and their metabolites in biological samples. Several pharmacokinetic parameters are being determined using these analysis. As such, crucial information on the safety and therapeutic index of the compounds is gathered. In addition, novel analytical procedures are being developed.