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 General Knowledge

Neurology is a multidisciplinary scientific discipline that operates in all areas of brain and nervous system such as the anatomy, functions, working patterns, pathology, physiology, biochemistry of the nervous system and especially examines the behavior and learning relation of nervous system. Neuroscience is the other name used.

As an interdisciplinary field of research, neurology aims to be able to explain the structural and functional properties of the nervous system in the context of normal and pathological processes. It is a multidisciplinary scientific discipline that studies all living things from the most primitive to the highest level in structural and functional terms. It is a science that requires the study of medicine, biology, physics, electronics, engineering and mathematics to work together all the way from the molecular mechanisms of the learners to artificial intelligence. Neurology research areas include relationships from cell to cell, from the cell to the neural networks, from the neural networks to the whole brain and from all brain behaviors and vice versa. In recent years, due to the contributions which modern technology has had over research methods, nuerology research areas have been intensified.