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 Mission Vision

Mission         ​

In recent years, brain research has been through very important developments.

At a time when our century is being called "The Brain Century", the scientists that are starting to work in this field in our country by closely following researches in the world will need specialized researchers.

Our mission is to bring expert researchers, academicians and professionals to various fields of neurology. In addition, it is aimed to gain a multidisciplinary approach and perspective to the students through the transfer of approaches and information from different sciences. Post-graduate students who will be considered as the first step in academic specialization will have the opportunity to apply for doctoral studies in related branches of biology and health sciences.



We want to raise researchers who have the ability to conduct independent research by transferring the technical knowledge and equipment obtained in parallel with the developments in the field of neurology to our students and to investigate scientific findings and events with an in-depth perspective and to take new steps in this field. Our program vision is to raise qualified scientists with the ability to conduct research at international level in the field of neurology, equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge at the upper level.