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 Plagiarism Report

​Matters on BVU Health Sciences Institute Plagiarsim Report

1) Thesis Study Plagiarism Report is obtained through the URKUND Plagiarism Detection Program offered by the University Library Documentation Center.

2)  The plagiarism program is open only to the use of academic and administrative staff. The report about the thesis work is prepared by the Institute and sent to the advisor lecturer and thesis juries. Before the thesis is delivered to the institute, it is recommended that the advisory lecturer use the URKUND plagiarism detection program to check the appropriateness.

3)  Thesis Study plagiarism thesis is only obtainable through loading the file to the programme as a single file with the Cover, Abstract, Introduction, General Information, Material and Method, Find, Discussion and Conclusion sections.

4) The upper limit of the similarity rate with the decision of the Institute of Health Sciences has been determined as 30%.

5) The filtering options can be as follows::

- Except confirmation, preface and declaration pages

- Except for contents, symbols and abbreviations

- Except sources

- Except text parts with less than 5 words of overlap

6) The report is recorded electronically with the student name and surname after the report is completed. Thesis Study Plagiarism Report is formed and submitted to the Thesis Defense Jury Member ,with a thesis, before the defense.

7) The similarity rate indicated in the report received after the report made by the URKUND plagiarism detection program for evaluation of the thesis by the advisor and jury members outside the scope of plagiarism shall not exceed the rate determined in the institute board. All responsibility for the similarity ratio belongs to student and advisor.

8) In the case of a post-defense extension and / or extensive amendment, the plagiarism report needs to be reconstructed.