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 Special Student Operations

Bezmialem Vakıf University Health Sciences Institute Special Student Operations Document.docx

​Special Student Course Fee Calculation.pdf

(1) Those who are graduates or students of a higher education institution and who want to increase their knowledge on a certain topic may register in the special student status with the courses opened in the institute with the appropriate opinion of the head of the department concerned.

(2) Principles for special students are;

a) No diploma or degree is given to special students. However, they are given a document showing their courses and grades on the programs they have followed.

b) In order for special students to enroll in classes, they must obtain approval from the courses that have been opened by the department and must fulfill their financial obligations.

c) Students who take courses in private student status can not benefit from student rights, but students are obliged to attend classes, examinations, disciplines and carry out similar responsibilities.

d) Special student education is not a direct degree in the related program and the course can not last more than two semesters.

e) Credits of courses taken in the status of special students at universities can be credited to the courses of the program for which the student is entitled.

f)  In the exemption process for the courses, in the postgraduate programmes, which the successful special students are taking, the exempted courses can not exceed 50% of the number of courses and compulsory credits given in the related graduate education. The exemption status is determined by the decision of the institute board of directors, taking into consideration the presidency of the department.